RAJNA-i2122 Biodegradable Toughened Compound


Medium viscosity product for injection moulding application. This material is able to crystallize during processing by increased mould temperature (100-120°C). This cause higher HDT temperature and opaque appearance. The quick freezing of the material cause more amorphous structure and lower ( 58°C) heat resistance.


Tipical products:

Semi-cristallized household products with >90°C heat resistant.



This biodegradable polymer can be processed on most conventional injection moulding equipment. The material is stable in the molten state, provided that the drying procedures are followed.



This polymer is good for most of conventional injection moulding machine. When you chose a machine for it, the criterion should be the minimum residence time in the barrel.



In-line drying is recommended. A moisture content of less than 0.008% (80 ppm!) is recommended to prevent viscosity degradation. Polymer is supplied in foil-lined boxes or bags dried to <400 ppm. The compound should not be exposed to atmospheric conditions after drying. Amorphous polymer must be dried below 50°C.

Other informations and order:

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